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Working with a Licensed Insurance Broker

Licensed Insurance Broker

When searching for new insurance coverage, you want knowledgeable, unbiased guidance from a person who is well-versed in the field and can assist you in finding the right option for your needs.

Consulting a licensed insurance broker will help you find the right travel insurance coverage, whether you’re planning to travel within Canada, have a trip abroad, are a visitor to Canada, applying for super visa or an international student coming to Canada to study.

How do licensed insurance brokers work?

When you get in touch with one of Travelance’s licensed insurance brokers, they will enquire what kind of coverage you need by asking you preliminary questions. Once answered, the insurance broker will offer you a number of insurance options, quotes, coverages, and provide answers to your questions.

As they are independent brokers, partnered with multiple companies, they may provide you with quotes for other insurers as well. When comparing policies and insurance companies, probe your insurance advisor to compare plans based on features, benefits, and exclusions, instead of price alone.

Benefits of Working with a Licensed Insurance Broker

Navigating through the plethora of insurance options can be challenging. It might be challenging to determine which insurance option is best for you when there are so many options available. Thankfully, working with a licensed insurance broker makes it easier to navigate the options as they help in finding the best option for you depending on your needs and budget.

Working with a licensed insurance broker has many advantages. You will start to see them as soon as you begin working with one.

1. They Work in the Client’s (Your) Favour

The impartiality of the broker-client relationship is one of its most advantageous features. The insurance broker works for you, and not an insurance company. The broker will help research the various options that they have available for you, to help you find what you need at the best price possible.

2. Industry Knowledge and Understanding

A licensed insurance broker can assist you in finding insurance plans you might not have found on your own thanks to their extensive product knowledge and business experience. They will be far more effective at comparing policies, outlining pricing, and responding to inquiries. If you need to file a claim, brokers will also be a crucial resource because their years of knowledge will make, the otherwise difficult, paperwork seamless!

3. Better Peace of Mind

Working with the right insurance broker may provide you with better peace of mind because you will know that you are paying the right price for your insurance with the optimum coverage for your needs.

Remember to get in touch with a licensed insurance broker the next time you require travel insurance coverage.

At Travelance, we provide a range of travel insurance products catering to the different needs and budgets of our clients. We have over 5000 licensed insurance brokers serving insurance across Canada.

Looking for a licensed insurance broker in your area?

Contact with a Travelance licensed insurance broker now.

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