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I want to share my experience that made me see the importance of Emergency Medical Travel Coverage
My family and I recently took a trip across the border into the U.S. to do some shopping. We often take family trips across the border to shop, attend sporting events, concerts and car shows – we never thought about buying Emergency Medical travel insurance for such short trips though, especially day trips.
On this particular trip, my son came down with a sudden high fever and extreme vomiting. Because the border was busy and my son was so sick we had no choice but to get to the nearest hospital. He was admitted and treated quickly and professionally for food poisoning. However, the bill they handed us was not comforting at all…it was several thousand dollars. WOW!!!!
After receiving a bill for emergency medical treatment outside of Canada, I realized my family and I really take our public healthcare system in Canada for granted.
Out of curiosity, I called our friend/insurance advisor Sam. He priced out an emergency medical travel insurance plan for a typical three-day trip to the U.S. for $56.00 – for our entire family of five! A plan like this one could have saved my family a lot of money. I can’t image what the bill would have been if my other children had been sick too.
P.S….Sam suggested Travelance, as they have great reviews and affordable pricing.
Travelance’s TRIPs Emergency Medical Plan offers:

  • Unlimited Hospital & Medical Coverage
  • Unlimited Accidental Dental
  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation/Return Home
  • $1,750 for Accommodation & Meals
  • $500 for a Hospital Stay Allowance
  • 24/7 worldwide multi-lingual Travel Assistance



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