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The Importance of International Student Travel Insurance

Canada’s universal healthcare system is funded by taxes, meaning all Canadian citizens and permanent residents pay towards the system, and in turn, have access to it when they have medical needs. As most students who have come to Canada to study do not work (or may pay partial taxes working part-time), they are not eligible to access the Canadian healthcare system.

Throughout Canada’s ten provinces and three territories, healthcare policies vary. The waiting period to obtain a healthcare card as an international student varies, from a few weeks to a few months. This means students should arrange for insurance prior to arriving in Canada.

Some universities may provide private healthcare coverage paid for by the student through their tuition, however, some may require the student to arrange their own insurance prior to arriving in Canada. If the educational institution provides coverage, the student may have the option to cancel the insurance and purchase private coverage that meets their minimum requirements. Additionally, private insurance may be cheaper when bought through a licensed insurance broker outside of the educational institution.

What is the importance of purchasing adequate emergency medical insurance in Canada?

Anyone who receives medical care in Canada, without health insurance, will be required to pay for the services out-of-pocket. The cost of medical care in Canada can be quite costly and difficult to afford.

What is the cost of emergency medical care for uninsured non-residents of Canada?

  • Minimum six-month policy period (180 or more travel days) 
  • In Saskatchewan non-residents of Canada are charged three times the reciprocal billing rate

What insurance options do international students who are coming to Canada to study have?

While some provinces may provide coverage to international students who are coming to Canada to visit, there may be a waiting period, a required minimum stay, or other conditions that may apply.

Students may also be offered a private plan through their educational institution. These plans may be offered as a part of the tuition package or may be offered in addition. Students will usually be allowed to opt out of the school’s insurance program as long as adequate proof of insurance is provided.

Private insurance options are another available source of insurance for international students. These plans may provide the student additional coverages or cost savings over the school period. Private insurance may also provide insurance above and beyond what is provided from provincial and territorial healthcare plans.

What type of coverage does Travelance offer international students coming to Canada to study?

Travelance’s International Student Travel Insurance Policy (ISP) provides coverage for eligible students who are coming to Canada to study, including their eligible spouses and dependent children.

Two plans are available! Smart Plan is a great option for those in good health, not taking any medication, and with no pre-existing conditions. Smart-Plus Plan offers the same coverage as the Smart Plan and provides some coverage for pre-existing conditions which have been stable for a minimum of 90 days.

The plans offer $2,000,000 emergency medical coverage, with 18 benefits, and a $0 deductible.

Click here to review a summary of benefits.

For additional information or questions, contact your Travelance licensed insurance broker. If you don’t have a Travelance licensed insurance broker, contact us and we will connect you with a broker near you!

Looking for a licensed insurance broker in your area?

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