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Student Accident Plan, Because Accidents Happen

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Are you prepared for the possible costs associated with your child’s accident?
Children and students are active and curious. Even in the best of circumstances, accidents can happen. If your child has an accident, the financial consequences could be devastating to your family.

When a child is injured as the result of an accident, many people think about the medical costs. However, most people do not consider other costs, such as Tutoring, Special Training, Emergency Transportation, and more!

Here are some real claims examples to highlight the possible costs associated with a child’s accident or out-of-country sudden and unforeseen medical emergency, that are not usually covered by any extended or government health insurance plans.

Example #1

A child playing hockey trips on ice at an arena, resulting in a fractured Tibia. The insured lives in northern Ontario so he/she has to travel to Sick Kids in Toronto.

Reimbursements: $100 fracture/dislocation benefit, pending outcome of claim with Hockey Canada: $500 physiotherapy, $64 cast, $35 crutches, and $150 travel expenses for gas and food.

Example #2

A child, while away on a holiday, starts to have severe pain in their back. A US hospital diagnosed a spinal cord tumour.

Reimbursements: out-of-country medical expenses totaled $130,000 – maximum policy benefit was $100,000, which was paid to the parents. $3,000 for special treatment travel expenses.

To help with the possible unexpected costs associated with a child/student’s accident, the Travelance Student Accident Plan provides coverage for a low annual premium. This inexpensive plan provides benefits not normally covered under extended and government health insurance plans (GHIP).

Who can purchase the Student Accident Plan?
Any child or student residing in Canada (excluding Quebec) over 6 months and under 26 years of age. If the child or student is 14 years of age or older, they must be a full-time student enrolled in a minimum of 3 concurrent courses.

What benefits does the Student Accident Plan provide?
Over 20 benefits available! Benefits available, in response to your child’s accident, include Total and Permanent Disability, Accidental Death, Dismemberment or Loss of Use, Accident Medical and Rehabilitation Expense, Dental Accident Reimbursement, Tutoring, Fracture or Dislocation, Confinement Disability, Extended Hospital Expense, Counselling, Special Training, Family Transportation, Dentures and Hearing Aids, Prosthetic Appliances, Emergency Transportation, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses, Travel Benefits, and more.

*This is a summary of benefits. Please see the policy for complete details of the benefits, exclusions, conditions and limitations.

Where and when is policy coverage available for my child/student under this plan?
Coverage under the Student Accident Plan is available for one year, from the date of purchase, 24 hours a day, anywhere, anytime. This means your child/student has coverage regardless of where they are or who they are with – school, sports, summer camp, vacation, etc. – it’s worldwide coverage.

How much is the Student Accident Plan?
For less than one dollar per week, the Student Accident Plan provides coverage for only $49.99 per year. Yes, that’s right, only $49.99 for the entire year.
To learn more about the Student Accident Plan, visit our website, or call 1-855-566-8555 to purchase a policy today!

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