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What is the Role of an Emergency Assistance Provider


Imagine you’re vacationing in a foreign country and unexpectedly (and unfortunately) you fall ill or are involved in an accident. You’re not familiar with the area, and you don’t speak the language. What do you do next?

Call the emergency assistance provider!

Think of your emergency assistance provider as a concierge to your travel insurance policy benefits! Most travel insurance policies are supported by an emergency assistance provider. Typically, you’ll find their phone number in the policy wording, on your confirmation coverage, or on your insurance company’s website.

In this post, we discuss the role of an emergency assistance provider and the ways in which they can provide you with support during your period of coverage.

How Can an Emergency Assistance Provider Help You?
A reputable assistance provider will have worldwide, multilingual representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with a variety of situations you may encounter when you’re travelling.

Here are services a typical emergency assistance provider associated with a travel insurance policy may offer during your period of coverage.

Medical Assistance

    • Locate and access medical or dental facilities
    • Monitor your treatment
    • Update your family, employer and home physician on your medical condition, if required

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Services

    • Coordinate flights and makes arrangements for:
        • Visit to bedside by a friend or family member, if recommended by your doctor
        • Return of travelling companion to their home country
        • Return of children if you are unable to care for them due to your medical emergency
    • Transportation to a medical facility or your home country to continue treatment
    • Repatriation of mortal remains

Legal Assistance

    • Transfer of funds, if your cash is lost or stolen
    • Legal and bail referrals

Travel & Document Assistance

    • Assistance in contacting the appropriate authorities to replace lost or stolen passport and travel documents
    • Assistance with locating lost or delayed baggage

Other Assistance Services

    • Emergency travel arrangements home
    • Translation services
    • Urgent message transmittal
    • Vehicle return, if you are physically unable to return your vehicle home yourself due to illness or injury

Concierge Services

    • Provides after departure personal and convenience services
        • location information (weather, news, shopping, etc.)
        • tour and guide information and reservations
        • flower and gift delivery
        • nightlife recommendations
        • entertainment information and reservation

Next time you are shopping for travel insurance, ask a licensed insurance broker about the emergency assistance provider!

To learn more about Travelance’s policies or to get a quote, contact us today at 1-855-566-8555 or visit us online.

Emergency Assistance Providers and the services they offer differ by insurance provider. Knowing that your insurance policy provider works with a reputable assistance company that is responsive, efficient, and knowledgeable in an emergency situation will help you to travel with better peace of mind.

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