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Reasons to Purchase Emergency Medical Insurance Before You Plan Your Next Trip

emergency medical insurance

Medical emergencies can happen any time. Having emergency medical insurance gives you peace of mind especially when travelling outside of your province/territory of residence, or country. Travelling without insurance may pose a financial hardship, should an emergency arise. It is important to purchase adequate coverage when travelling, so that you return with memories, and not medical bills.

Below are 5 reasons highlighting the importance of purchasing emergency medical insurance:

  1. Protection against unforeseen medical emergencies – Medical emergencies, including injury and illness can occur out of anywhere.  Even a minor emergency can ruin your trip. Purchasing emergency medical insurance is a must, as it provides financial protection against the possible costs associated with an unexpected illness or injury requiring medical care.
  2. Government, extended, and employment benefits may not provide benefits – Insurance plans from your home country or province may not provide the necessary benefits when travelling outside your country or province/territory of residency. Although some of these plans may provide minimal coverage, they would not provide the adequate coverage required should an emergency arise. There may also be limitations and exclusions on benefit limits, travel days, pre-existing conditions, and more.
  3. Emergency Return Home and Repatriation Benefits can be expensive – Transporting you home to continue treatment or returning a deceased’s body in case of death can be quite costly and run in the thousands, on top of the cost of medical care. Emergency medical policies are designed to provide coverage for this, as well as assistance in arranging and coordinating these coverages.
  4. Emergency Assistance Company – The Emergency Assistance Company is available to help you 24/7. They are able to help locate the nearest medical facility, coordinate benefits such as Emergency Return Home, and act as a concierge to all your policy benefits.
  5. Peace of Mind – One of the best reasons to purchase emergency medical insurance is the peace of mind you get by knowing that help is just a phone call away. If you face any problem or crisis while travelling, contact the 24/7 Emergency Assistance Company.

The points above emphasize the importance of having emergency medical insurance. Being properly insured is an effective way to manage the possible costs associated with a medical emergency, without digging a hole in your pocket.

An emergency medical insurance policy bought from Travelance provides coverage for emergency medical, emergency dental, accidental death and dismemberment, and more. Contact us or a Travelance partnered broker today!

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