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Understanding the Claims Process in 8 Easy Steps

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For many people, unexpected situations that arise while travelling such as an accident, illness or lost baggage can be stressful, especially when they result in an emergency medical insurance claim or financial loss. Understanding the claims process, before you travel can help alleviate some of this stress.

Here are 8 Steps to Help You Understand the Travelance Claims Process


1) Review the policy wording before purchasing a policy, so you have a clear understanding of the coverages you are eligible for during the claims process. Keep your policy number and the Emergency Assistance company’s contact information with you at all times – you never know when you may need it.


2) When an emergency or claim occurs, call the Emergency Assistance company to report the claim. Assistance representatives are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering a variety of multilingual services. Anyone can call to report the claim on your behalf. However, the emergency assistance company will want to speak with the insured as soon as possible.

– With respect to all emergency medical expenses, you or someone acting on your behalf is required to immediately contact our 24 hour Emergency Assistance line before admission to hospital or within 24 hours after a life or organ-threatening emergency

– Trip Cancellation/Interruption, all cancellations must be reported to your travel agent within 72 hours following the unforeseen event that caused the cancellation

– Failure to report the claim within the required time frame may result in reduced benefits


3) In the event of an emergency medical claim, the emergency assistance company representative will help you to locate the nearest medical service provider in your area.


4) The Emergency Assistance company will work with our claims department to initiate your claim. A claims department team member will open a file and assign an examiner who will assess your file and monitor your claim.


5) Claim forms, along with any other necessary documentation, will be sent to you once you report your claim. Alternatively, you can obtain the appropriate forms online, through your broker or from a Travelance representative via the Support Services line at 1-855-566-8555.


6) During your claim, be sure to keep all of the original bills and receipts. Based on the type of claim you are making, the examiner may require further documentation to assess the claim.

– Emergency medical claims may require you to:

– have your attending physician complete a statement

– collect original bills, receipts, medical documentation from your treating facility, physician release, and government health insurance release forms

– Non-medical claims will require proof of your cancellation/interruption/delay, along with unused travel documents and any other documentation required by your examiner

– As each claim scenario is unique, your examiner may request further documentation from you to support your claim


7) Submit your completed claims forms, along with your original bills, receipts and other requested documentation to our claims team for assessment.

– For privacy reasons, only the insured may inquire about the status of their claim. If someone else will be inquiring on behalf of the insured an ‘Assignment of Claim Information Retrieval’ form must be completed.


8) After a decision has been made by the claim examiner, you will be notified of your claim outcome by mail.

– If the claim is approved, the payment will be made by cheque to the insured named on the policy

– If the claim payment is required to go to someone other than the named insured, the named insured will complete a written ‘Assignment of Benefits’

– In the case of death, any payable claim will be made to the insured’s estate

– If the claim is denied, a denial letter will be sent to you explaining why the claim was denied with supporting policy language and information about the appeal process

Although no one expects to encounter a claims situation on their trip, sudden and unforeseen events can happen – that’s what insurance is about!

Before you buy emergency medical or trip cancellation insurance make sure you take the time to
understand your policy and the claims process before a claim situation happens. This knowledge will help to reduce your stress and help make the process as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions about the claims process for your policy, contact your licensed broker or Travelance at 1-855-566-8555, today!

The claims process as outlined above is specific to Travelance. Further information may be requested as each claims situation is unique. Emergency Assistance contact information is found in the policy. Travelance policies are underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. In Quebec, certain coverages underwritten by Reliable Life Insurance Company.

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