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Super Visa Insurance Cost

Super Visa Insurance Cost

Applying for or travelling on the Canadian super visa? Did you know that the application and entry have a requirement for medical insurance for super visa? Travelance super visa insurance can help meet the requirements of the super visa travel insurance requirements when purchased according to Canadian government requirements.

Travelance’s Visitors to Canada Insurance Plans provide two options for super visa health insurance through the Essential and Premier Plans. These visitors insurance plans provide the required coverage for emergency health care, hospitalization, and repatriation for sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies.

Visitors to Canada are not covered under Canada’s health care system, meaning an unforeseen medical emergency could be costly and financially devastating.

Below we share some real-life claims and the associated claim costs:

  • 52-year-old with pneumonia ~$59,000
  • 66-year-old with late presentation myocardial infarction ~ $40,000
  • 59-year-old with a fractured leg ~$6,900
  • 68-year-old with abdominal pain ~ $2,500

The cost of an unforeseen medical emergency can be significantly higher than the super visa medical insurance cost.

Wondering how much is super visa insurance? Use our ‘VTC Rate Calculator’ to quickly calculate the super visa health insurance cost.

To learn more about the plans available, visit our website: https://www.travelance.ca/products/visitors-canada-insurance/

Have questions, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team of licensed insurance brokers at 1-855-566-8555.

*This is a brief description of coverage. Please see policy wording for complete benefits, definitions, exclusions, limitation, terms and conditions. The rate calculator is for illustrative purposes only.

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