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Ottawa, ON, August 8, 2013 – Travelance Inc. is a new and innovative insurance firm, which has dedicated their business to the sales and service of competitive, high quality travel insurance products.

Travelance specializes in the sales and service of emergency medical travel insurance for Non-Canadian residents or immigrants to Canada and is set to launch competitive travel insurance products for Canadians traveling out of country, this fall. With an exclusive partnership with underwriter, Reliable Life Insurance Company,Travelance has introduced unique ideas to support its agents and customers alike. Reliable Life Insurance Company has been providing insurance solutions since 1887. Lindsay Douglas, Manager of Communication and Agent Services explains, “Over the past few months the Travelance team has worked tirelessly to develop competitive, quality products with our underwriter, Reliable Life. We believe our hard work has created a formula for success!”

“Our commitment motto ‘Your Peace of Mind is Our Promise’ isn’t just for the benefit of our customers; it’s for our agents, too,” Lindsay continues. “We want our agents to sell Travelance products with confidence. Our plans are backed by our customer support team and easy to use administration software for Agent sales and administration.” To learn more about Travelance and their emergency medical travel products, including their exclusive Visitors to Canada/Super Visa plans, call 1-855-566-8555.

About Reliable Life Insurance Company

Reliable Life Insurance Company (“Reliable Life”) is a Canadian federally licensed life insurance company providing insurance solutions since 1887. Reliable Life is the oldest subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation (“ORI” on the New York Stock Exchange), one of the 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations in the United States. Reliable Life is a specialty insurer focused on underwriting and administering customized, private label products for distributors of travel, child accident, disability and health insurance. Reliable Life can be found at

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