COVID-19 Emergency Medical Coverage Waiver

While we recognize that there is a Canadian government travel warning still in place to avoid non-essential travel, we also understand you may have to travel for business or to see family. For this reason, we have designed a waiver to offer coverage for those urgent or unexpected situations.

If you need to travel while a travel warning is still in place, the waiver will remove the policy exclusion relating to “avoid non-essential travel” warnings from your policy and provide the following emergency medical benefits for a new diagnosis of COVID-19 while at destination.

  • Emergency medical coverage for COVID-19 after a positive test result while at destination including emergency transport home
      • up to $500,000 CAD
    • Quarantine expenses due to a positive test result or contact tracing while at destination
      • Up to $150 CAD per person per day
      • Up to $300 CAD per family per day
      • Maximum 14 days for accommodation and meals
    • Available with the following TRIPs plans:
      • All Inclusive
      • All Inclusive Canada
      • Emergency Medical
      • Youth Premier
  • Available for travellers 74 years of age and under on departure date
  • Available for covered trips of 21 days or less
  • $4 per day


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