TRIPs Travel Insurance Updates 2016

Effective May 2, 2016, enhancements will be coming to our Travel Right Insurance Plans (TRIPs).

Notable changes:

  1. TRIPs Cruise Plan has been discontinued: Many of these benefits have been incorporated into the TRIPs Leisure Plans
  2. TRIPs Non-Resident Package plan has been discontinued
  3. New! Travel 24/7 Lite plan has been introduced: A lighter version of the Leisure All-Inclusive Plan option
  4. A small increase in price to balance the updated benefits

To learn more about the coming changes, please review the downloadable files below.

  • Leisure Plan Changes (PDF)
  • Youth Plan Changes (PDF)
  • New Plan!: Travel 24/7 Lite (PDF)

For copies of the updated policy wording, go to the Agents Resources page.

Important Note: No changes made to our Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans

Want to learn more about the upcoming enhancements?

Join us for a 15-minute session to review the upcoming enhancements, learn about the 24/7 Lite Plan and have your questions answered.