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Travel Right Insurance Plans (TRIPS)

  • Yes, they can. However, emergency medical coverage will be limited. As per the Travel Right Insurance Plan (TRIPs) policy wordings:

“You must be insured under a valid Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government health insurance plan (GHIP) or Canadian university health insurance plan (UHIP). Otherwise, the limit of coverage is $25,000.”

  • Yes, purchasing emergency medical insurance anytime your client travels outside of their home province/territory can provide your client with benefits against sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies which may not be covered by their provincial/territorial health insurance plan. Common emergency medical exclusions of government health insurance plans include prescription medication, ambulance charges, and paramedical services.

  • Yes, however, they must purchase the insurance before leaving Canada.

  • An annual plan provides your client with the flexibility to travel multiple times throughout the covered period, without having to purchase a new policy each time they depart, provided they remain eligible for coverage under the given policy.
  • Annual plans are a great way to save money if your client plans to travel more than once during a 365 day period. Your client can choose between a 15 or 30-day plan.

  • The 15-day or 30-day annual plans may be topped up by purchasing a single trip emergency medical plan for the additional days required.
  • For example, your client purchases a 15-day annual plan (departing June 1). However, one of their trips will be 20 days (ending June 20). They may purchase a single-trip plan to top-up their annual plan for the additional 5 days of their trip (June 16 – 20).

  • An all-inclusive plan provides bundled benefits of emergency medical and non-medical insurance coverages all-in-one! Benefits include emergency medical, trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage and personal effects, worldwide accident, and airflight accident.

Emergency Medical

  • Hospital and Medical – Unlimited
  • Accidental Dental up to $1,500
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Return Home – Unlimited
  • Accommodation & Meals up to $1,750
  • Hospital Stay and Allowance up to $500
  • Repatriation of Remains – Unlimited
  • Cremation/Burial at Destination up to $3,000

The coverages listed above are for the Travelance TRIPs Emergency Medical Insurance Plan only.

  • No. While the plan your client is purchasing does not require a medical questionnaire there are eligibility requirements and stability periods for pre-existing conditions the client must meet to be eligible for coverage under a given policy.
  • Note: not all policies have the same eligibility requirements or offer benefits for pre-existing conditions.

  • Trip Cancellation applies when the insured must cancel their covered trip before the departure date due to a covered event, that is sudden and unforeseen beyond their control, as listed in the policy wording.
  • Trip Interruption applies when the insured must interrupt their covered trip while travelling (on or after their departure date) due to a sudden and unforeseen covered event, that is beyond their control, as listed in the policy wording.

  • Contact the Emergency Assistance Provider before being admitted to the hospital or within 24 hours after a life or organ-threatening emergency. The phone numbers are listed on the Confirmation of Coverage (COC) provided to the client at the time of purchase, as well as in the policy under the ‘What To Do When You Need Assistance’ and ‘Claims Information’ sections.
  • When receiving medical treatment, remind your client to be sure to keep all of their documentation and original receipts as these may be required to review their claim.
  • To report a claim, call: 1-888-526-0111
  • Claim forms can be found at: https://www.travelance.ca/claims/

Your client may cancel their policy within 10-days of purchase if they have not departed on their covered trip and there is no claim in progress.
Outside of the ‘10 Day Right to Examine Period,’ the Emergency Medical Insurance Plans may be refunded prior to travel. Or, if the insured returns to the departure point before the expiry date, then they may request a refund of the premium paid for the unused days provided that:

  • Proof is submitted for the date of return
  • A claim has not been incurred under the policy
  • A request for a premium refund is submitted to Travelance

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance (VTC)

The Essential plan offers coverage for:

  • Those who are in good health and require a cost effective plan
  • Emergency medical up to the plan limit selected, arising from sudden and unforeseen circumstances
  • No benefits available for any pre-existing conditions

The Premier plan builds on the Essential plan, offering upgraded and additional benefits including:

  • Some coverage for pre-existing conditions (be sure to read the policy wording for details)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (up to the plan limit selected to a maximum of $100,000)
  • Repatriation – $16,000

For a detailed comparison of the plan highlights, please see the plan comparison on our website:

  • The deductible is applied per occurrence.

As per the Government of Canada requirements, the super visa program requires proof of emergency medical insurance from a Canadian insurance provider for:

  • a minimum coverage period of one year, and
  • a minimum sum insured of $100,000

Provided the insured has not incurred a claim under their policy, a refund for the unused days will be allowed less an administration fee. To complete the refund, we require proof of the insured’s early return to their home country.

  • Yes. If your client’s super visa application is denied, we will provide them with a full premium refund of their policy. To complete the refund, we require a copy of their visa denial letter.

  • There is an online medical questionnaire to complete for this policy. If your client does not meet the Eligibility Requirements, they will not be eligible to purchase the policy.
  • If your client has a pre-existing condition and would like to purchase the Premier Plan, be sure to advise your client to read the policy carefully including the Policy Exclusions section and how the exclusions relate to pre-existing conditions.

Under the VTC Premier and Essential plans, coverage for side trips is available provided:

  • At the time of a claim outside of Canada, the number of covered days must be more than 50% of the accumulated covered days under this policy
    • For example, if the insured is taking a side trip outside of Canada for 30 days, then the total number of accumulated days under the policy, prior to the start of the side trip, must be at least 31
  • Each side trip must begin in Canada
  • Each side trip can be up to a maximum of 45 days
  • Trips cannot be to the insured’s home country

For complete details, please refer to policy wording.

No, there is no monthly payment option. Your client must pay in full for the total number of days they require at the time of purchase.
For more information on our Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans, please visit:
Or call 1-855-566-8555

  • a. Advise your client to read the policy wording carefully. They will be sent a copy to their personal email address as you entered in the online agent portal during the sale. Be sure your client understands the policy wording, including the eligibility, benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions.
  • b. If you have any questions or are unsure how to advise your client, call Travelance for clarification 1-855-566-8555
  • c. If your client wishes to cancel their policy, they have 10 days from the application date to receive a full refund, provided the policy has not started.
  • d. Make sure your client is familiar with the Emergency Assistance call in procedure.
  • e. Advise your client to carry page three of their Confirmation of Coverage (COC) with them at all times, while travelling.
    • This page has a handy wallet card that contains the Emergency Assistance numbers you will need to call in case of an emergency.

Student Accident Plans (SAP)

This policy provides coverage for your client’s family against the possible costs that could be incurred due to their child/student’s accident. Benefits under this plan are not normally covered by extended or government health insurance plans.

Any child or student who resides in Canada (excluding Quebec) and is over 6 months and under 26 years of age. If the child/student is 14 years of age or older, they must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 concurrent classes.

The student must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 concurrent classes, which include online courses and co-ops if they are part of the curriculum.

Coverage is available 24 hours a day, every day, everywhere for one year from the date of purchase.

Yes, the plan is available 24 hours a day, every day, during the entire policy term.

The Student Accident Plan provides accident coverage outside the insured’s province or territory of residence for trips up to 30 days in duration. The coverage for emergency medical is limited to $100,000 and includes emergency medical expense coverage for sickness.

Yes, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

Yes, if your children are between 6 months and 14 years of age. If your children are students 14 years of age or older and under 26 years of age, they must be full-time students (minimum of 3 concurrent courses).

Yes, as long as they are enrolled in a minimum of three concurrent courses and are under 26 years of age.

No. The annual premium is $49.99 per insured.

Coverage under this policy begins on the date and time Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada or its authorized representative receives the application and the required premium.

No, the policy does not automatically renew.

On the expiration date shown on the Confirmation of Coverage or the date the insured ceases to be a full-time student (enrollment in a minimum of 3 concurrent courses), whichever happens first.

You may cancel this policy within 10 days of the date on the Confirmation of Coverage for a full refund, if there is no claim in process.

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