Travelance’s Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans are better than before! Effective September 1, 2018, we are introducing enhanced plan benefits and pricing.  

With the enhancements made to our Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans, you can offer your clients increased benefits with decreased prices. Changes to the benefits coming on September 1 can be reviewed in an easy to refer to table below:

Before September 1, 2018 New! After September 1, 2018
Age 15 days to 84 years 15 days to 85 years
Sum Insured Options $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 & $300,000 $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 & $150,000
Follow Up Visits

Essential Plan:


Essential Plan: added

One (1) follow up visit up to $1,000

Prescription Medications

Premier Plan:

up to $5,000

Premier Plan:

Increased up to $10,000

Repatriation of Remains Essential Plan: $5,000 Essential Plan: Increased up to $10,000
Cremation/Burial at Destination Essential Plan: $3,000 Essential Plan: Increased up to $4,000
Hospital Stay Allowance Premier Plan:
$50/Day up to $500
Changed to Incidental Expenses up to $250
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Only available with the Premier Plan Premier Plan: Added “loss of hearing”
Waived Deductible

Essential Plan:


Essential Plan:

First $250 deductible waived when hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours

Our Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plans will see a large decrease in rates starting September 1, 2018.

Download the Rate Chart

After receiving feedback from our partners, we have divided the current policy wording into two separate policy booklets for the Essential and the Premier plan. They also have a refreshed, colour-coded design!


What Should You Do With Old Copies of the VTC Policy Wordings, if you have any left?

Retain a few copies of the old policy wording for your reference. You may need to use these to refer back if a client, who had purchased the policy prior to the changes, calls you with questions.

How Can You Order the New and Improved VTC Policy Wordings?

Order your ‘hot of the press’ copies of the new Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance policy wordings online by visiting our Online Marketing Materials Ordering Form, or contact us directly at 1-855-566-8555.

Download the Policy Wording:



To Essential Plan Only

  1. Increased coverage for repatriation from $5,000 to $10,000
  2. Increased coverage for burial at destination from $3,000 to $4,000
  3. Added coverage for one follow-up visit, up to $1,000
  4. Added to the definition of Deductible that if you are hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours the first $250 of any deductible will be waived.

To Premier Plan Only

  1. Increased coverage for prescription medication from $5,000 to $10,000
  2. Changed “Hospital Stay Allowance” to “Incidental Expenses”.  This is now a reimbursement of any actual expenses incurred up to $250.  Previously this benefit was $50/day after the first 48 hours and not tied to specific expenses.
  3. Added AD&D coverage for “Loss of Hearing”

To Premier and Essential Plans:

  1. Increased coverage to allow age 85 to purchase
  2. Added eligibility questionnaire and Medical Conditions Table
  3. Clarified that coverage is available during Your return to Your Home Country provided coverage is in effect when You leave Canada and are scheduled to arrive in Your Home Country within 48 hours
  4. Changed maximum period of coverage from 18 months to 558 days
  5. Clarified that certain benefits are “per occurrence”
  6. Clarified that any follow-up visits must be booked during the Period of Coverage
  7. Clarified pre-existing exclusion applies to any pre-existing or medical condition that existed in the 180 days before your start date (previously was on your start date)
  8. Added exclusion for “Cataracts or any Medical Conditions resulting from their medical care.”
  9. Removed the “outside Canada” portion of the truck driver exclusion.  Now truck driving is excluded anywhere.
  10. Added to refund reasons “Cancel your policy because you are no longer eligible for coverage (no fee will be deducted)
  11. Added to Limitation of Liability under General Conditions that the maximum amount You can be covered for is limited to $150,000 in total
  12. Changed definitions of the following to correspond to the Old Republic versions of the CLHIA common definitions:
    a. Emergency
    “Emergency means a sudden and unforeseen Medical Condition that requires immediate Treatment. An Emergency no longer exists when medical evidence indicates that You are able to return to Your Home Country or continue with Your visit to Canada.”
    b. Hospital
    “Hospital means an institution that is licensed, and that is staffed and operated for the care and Treatment of in-patients and out-patients. Treatment must be supervised by Physicians and there must be registered nurses on duty 24 hours a day. Diagnostic and surgical capabilities must also exist on the premises or in facilities controlled by the establishment. A Hospital is not an establishment used mainly as a clinic, extended or palliative care facility, rehabilitation facility, addiction treatment centre, convalescent, rest or nursing home, home for the aged or health spa.”
    c. Medical Condition
    “Medical Condition means any disease, illness or Injury including symptoms of undiagnosed conditions.”
    d. Physician
    “Physician means a person who is not You or a Family Member or Your Traveling Companion who is legally licensed in the jurisdiction where the services are provided, to prescribe and administer medical Treatment.”
    e. Pre-Existing Condition
    “Pre-Existing Condition means any Medical Condition that exists prior to Your Start Date.”
    f. Reasonable and Customary
    “Reasonable and Customary means charges incurred for goods and services that are comparable to what other providers charge for similar goods and services in the same geographical area.”
    g. Stable and Controlled
    “Stable and Controlled means a Medical Condition where:

    1. There has not been any new Treatment prescribed or recommended, or change(s) to existing Treatment (including a stoppage in Treatment); and
    2. there has not been any change to any existing prescribed drug (including an increase, decrease, or stoppage to prescribed dosage), or any recommendation or starting of a new prescription drug. If You require a routine adjustment to the dosage of Your prescription for Coumadin, Warfarin or Insulin (unless it is newly prescribed or stopped) to ensure correct blood levels are maintained, such a change is not considered an alteration in medication provided the condition remains unchanged; and
    3. the Medical Condition has not become worse; and
    4. there has not been any new, more frequent or more severe symptoms; and
    5. there has been no hospitalization or referral to a specialist; and
    6. there have not been any tests, investigation or Treatment recommended, but not yet complete, nor any outstanding test results; and
    7. there is no planned or pending Treatment.

    All of the above conditions must be met for a Medical Condition to be considered Stable and Controlled.”
    h. Treat, Treated, Treatment
    “Treat, Treated or Treatment means a procedure prescribed, performed or recommended by a Physician for a Medical Condition. This includes but is not limited to prescribed medication, investigative testing and surgery.”

  13. Changed definition of Home Country to be “Your country of permanent residence before Your arrival in Canada.  If You are eligible for a provincial GHIP program within 90 days of an Emergency, Your Home Country will be Canada”
  14. Clarified definition of Normal Daily Activities to add “any of the following” to the beginning.
  15. Changed instances of “Children” to “Dependents”
  16. Changed definition of Company and the Underwriter to remove reference to Reliable Life Insurance

Download the Policy Wording:



Eligibility Questions added for Visitors to Canada plans

To ensure a sale is properly done, we are updating our online portal to include the eligibility questions right at the time of sale. No need to refer to the policy wording while asking questions to your clients when you have the questions right in front of you!


Claim Form is now included with Visitors to Canada Confirmation of Coverage (COC)

When a policy is sold and the Confirmation of Coverage (COC) is sent to the client, a claim form is now automatically attached. In the event of an emergency, your client will have the necessary documents all in one email! .

With the newly added benefits and pricing for Travelance’s Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plans, along with updates in the online agent portal, you’ll want to be prepared to help your clients!

Learn more about Travelance’s enhanced Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plans and online agent portal by registering for our live online training sessions, hosted by our Regional Representatives. If you prefer in-person training, visit our webpage to register for the ‘2018 Travelance VTC Roadshow,’ where we will be bringing training to many cities across the country.  

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