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Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance for Newcomers to Canada


Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans (VTC) are designed for travellers who are temporarily visiting Canada, but, you may be surprised to learn that these policies may meet the needs of newcomers to Canada as well.
While VTC plans are not designed to match Canada’s universal health care plans (for example, benefits for regular check-ups are typically not included), newcomers to Canada may benefit from the emergency medical benefits available under a Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plan.

Why do newcomers to Canada need insurance; aren’t they covered under Canada’s healthcare system?

Depending on the province or territory of arrival, newcomers to Canada may wait up to three months for their Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) to come into effect. During this time, they are not eligible for coverage under Canada’s universal healthcare plan.
It is recommended newcomers purchase medical insurance to financially protect themselves, and their families from the costs they may incur if they require emergency medical treatment during this period.
For more information, contact your provincial or territorial ministry of health:
Alberta | British Columbia | Manitoba | New Brunswick | Newfoundland and Labrador | Northwest Territories | Nova Scotia | Nunavut | Ontario | Prince Edward Island | Quebec | Saskatchewan | Yukon

What happens if I purchase a policy for a coverage period of three months, but after six weeks I become covered under a government health insurance plan?
Most emergency medical insurance plans provide a refund for unused days, less an administrative fee, provided no claim has been reported.

I’ve heard I might have a period without coverage if I buy a new policy. Can I extend my Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance policy coverage period instead?

Some policies allow for an extension of coverage; others do not.
Extending a policy, instead of purchasing a new one, serves to eliminate gaps in coverage.

A gap in coverage occurs when a waiting period is applied to a policy purchased after arrival in Canada. A waiting period is typically applied to accident and sickness coverage and typically ranges from 24 hours to one week. For example, someone who has been in Canada for more than 30 days and purchases a new VTC policy may have to wait 48 hours to be eligible for emergency medical insurance relating to an accident and 7 days for a sickness. There are no benefits available if an accident or sickness occurs during the respective waiting period.

Instead of purchasing a new policy and waiting for an accident and sickness waiting period to pass, a policy extension continues the current policy without a waiting period by changing the policy end date. While a policy may allow for extensions, they may not always be granted. Restrictions may apply, such as whether or not a claim has been reported, if total extension requested exceeds the total number of days allowed for a policy, or if the extension request was not submitted before the policy expiry date.

Do I need to purchase this insurance before I arrive in Canada?

While most Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance policies typically do not require the insurance to be purchased before arrival in Canada, it is recommended to avoid a waiting period. Some policies have a waiting period for sickness and injury if the policy is purchased after arrival in Canada, during which the visitors would not be eligible for benefits.

Travelance offers newcomers to Canada a variety of plan options, coverage limits, and deductibles. So when they are looking for emergency medical insurance, they are likely to find one of Travelance’s three Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans (Lite, Essential, and Premier) meets their needs.

Compare Travelance’s Three Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plans.
To obtain a quote or purchase a policy, visit www.travelance.ca. If you have any questions, please speak with a licensed insurance advisor or contact Travelance, 1-855-566-8555 or info@travelance.ca.

Coverage varies by insurance provider. Always read the policy wording carefully for complete details of benefits, exclusions, conditions, and limitations.

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