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Monthly Payment Option – A Convenient Way to Afford the Coverage You Need

VTC Monthly Payment Option

The Monthly Payment Option from Travelance provides visitors with a convenient payment option to pay for emergency medical coverage.

It is important to purchase adequate visitors to Canada insurance, as visitors to Canada are not covered under Canada’s universal healthcare system. This means should an unexpected medical emergency arise, the visitor would be responsible for paying all the related medical bills for emergency medical services taken in Canada. 

Travelance’s Monthly Payment Options provides visitors to Canada the option to pay their policy premium through equal monthly installments making it easier on your pocket to purchase the coverage you need! 

To qualify for the Monthly Payment Option, the policy must meet the following requirements: 

  • Minimum 90 or more travel days 
  • Minimum $100,000 sum insured

How Does the Monthly Payment Option Work?

  1. On the application date of the policy, two months’ premium is collected, along with a $60 non-refundable billing fee. 
  2. Beginning on the policy start date, equal monthly payments will be applied to the credit card on file. The two months premium collected on the application date will be applied to the last two scheduled payments.

This convenient payment option can help visitors afford the insurance coverage they need while visiting Canada. Visitors may include visitors such as tourists, EIC visa holders, expatriates, and more. 

What Type of Coverage Does Travelance Offer? 

There are two plan options available: the Essential Plan and the Premier Plan.

The Essential Plan is for those who are in good health, who do not have any pre-existing conditions, looking for an affordable plan option. 

The Premier Plan is the recommended plan, providing additional and upgraded benefits when compared to the Essential Plan, and some coverage for pre-existing conditions (some conditions apply, please refer to the policy wording for complete details).

To learn more about the benefits available, visit: https://www.travelance.ca/products/visitors-canada-insurance/

To learn more about the plans available and the Monthly Payment Option visit our website or contact your Travelance licensed insurance broker for a quote.

Emergency medical insurance purchased for the purposes of the parent and grandparent super visa must meet IRCC requirements.

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