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Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance


Would you want to be caught traveling without Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance?

Each winter thousands of Canadian snowbirds escape the cold by heading south to popular sunny destinations such as Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, and South America. These travelers prefer a winter of warmth and sunshine to one of cold and snow.
While a winter of fun in the sun is a reason to live carefree, a lot of preparation is required to spend a winter outside of Canada. Emergency Medical insurance is of particular concern for travelling Canadians. Purchasing the right medical insurance coverage prior to departing on a winter adventure is a must.
Understanding Emergency Medical Insurance
Emergency medical insurance provides protection against the costs of sudden and unforeseen emergency medical expenses. Plans vary by insurance provider and include different benefit amounts and coverage options. Services covered under the Emergency Medical section of the policy will vary but may include emergency transportation, diagnostic procedures, semi-private hospital room, the services of a physician, surgeon or private nurse, the rental or purchase of therapeutic equipment, emergency dental and/or prescriptions, to name a few. Some policies even include benefits for the care or return of pets to Canada in the event of the policyholder’s hospitalization.
Before you buy Emergency Medical Insurance:
Prior to purchasing emergency medical insurance:
1. Examine whether or not you qualify for the policy you are considering.

  • Does the policy have eligibility restrictions?
  • What does the policy say about pre-existing conditions?

2. Understand policy details such as benefits, conditions, definitions, exclusions and limitations.

  • What services does the policy cover?
  • What is not covered by the policy?
  • Are there any limitations to your coverage?
  • Are there specific conditions you must meet?
  • Do you understand the definitions?

3. Complete any required medical questionnaires accurately.

  • At the time of claim, the answers you gave in your medical questionnaire will be compared against your medical records – make sure they match
  • Incorrect information may void your policy

4. Seek clarification.
Coverage under an insurance policy is granted to you based on:

  • policy benefits, conditions, definitions, exclusions and limitations set out by the company
    • if you are unclear about the policy wording be sure to contact your insurance broker
    • if you are unsure of a medical condition consult your physician

Is a Licensed Insurance Agent Right for You?
Licensed insurance agents and brokers are knowledgeable about benefits, conditions, definitions, exclusions and limitations of travel insurance policies. They also know about different companies, plan types and pricing. For example, an insurance broker may recommend an emergency medical insurance plan designed specifically for seniors instead of a general emergency medical insurance plan.
Travelance Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance
Travelance’s Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance is a top choice for Canadian snowbirds. 24/7 worldwide multi-lingual medical assistance accompanies snowbirds on their travels. Services range from physician referrals to the coordination of complex medical evacuations. A simplified medical questionnaire means more individuals qualify. Competitive rates and quality benefits make this Travelance plan the clear choice for travelers ages 50 to 89.
A happy snowbird is one who travels with better peace of mind knowing he or she has an emergency medical insurance plan that suits their needs.
For more information on Travelance’s Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance plan, please click here.

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