Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notices and Updates


For information on social distancing safety, and activities during these times, read our blog post ‘COVID-19 & Travelance’.

As we work to monitor the industry and the Coronavirus (COVID-19), updates and notices will be posted here. For any questions, please contact the Support Services Team at 1-855-566-8555 or info@travelance.ca

FAQs – Visitors to Canada

  • Emergency medical coverage is available up to the plan limit purchased provided the insured is eligible to purchase the coverage and showed no symptoms related to COVID-19 prior to the start date of the insurance.

  • If an insured is seeking emergency medical treatment and as part of the diagnostic plan a physician orders a COVID-19 test, then this test would be covered under the emergency medical benefit for covered claims. COVID-19 testing outside of an emergency medical situation is not covered, which includes tests being requested or performed to rule-out the virus as part of a screening process.

  • For those individuals who have already purchased a Travelance Visitors to Canada policy and their start date is in the future, they have the option to change their dates or request a policy refund. Administration fees may apply.

  • Yes, however, please note the applicable waiting periods as outlined in the policy.

  • The dates on the policy can be changed or a refund can be requested. Administration fees may apply.

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