Complaint Resolution Process

The purpose of our Complaint Processing Policy is to ensure that all of our customers are able to process a complaint

Step One: Contact Broker/Agent

If you feel unsatisfied or have a concern with your claim, contact the broker or agent that was in charge of handling your claim. All claims decisions are based on the information that we receive so be sure to provide as accurate of information as possible so we can best help you expedite your claim.

Step Two: Contact Travelance

After you’ve contacted your broker or agent and still feel unsatisfied with your results please contact Travelance at 1-855-566-8555. Travelance will independently review your case with the necessary provided information.

Step Three: Contact Ombudsman for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI)

Should you feel that our review was not adequate enough following internal appeals with Travelance, you may send a request for additional consideration of your complaint or claim to the Ombudsman for Life and Health Insurance.

To initiate a complaint process with OLHI, you can call their toll-free number 1-888-295-8112 or submit an online complaint form through this link.

Step Four: Contact AMF

After internal appeals and OLHI reviews, if you still feel unsatisfied, contact AMF. AMF is an independent public body that is responsible for safeguarding investments in financial instruments.

AMF Assistance and Complaints – Contact Information

Email: information@lautorite.qc.ca
Québec City: 418 525-0337
Montréal: 514 395-0337
Other regions: 1 877 525-0337

Autorité des marches financiers
Place de la cité, Tour Cominar
2640 boulevard Laurier, 3e étage
Sainte-Foy, Québec G1V 5C1

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