Young Traveller Insurance: Options for International Experience Canada (IEC)

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International Experience Canada (IEC) is a wonderful opportunity for young people from outside of Canada to work and travel while visiting the country. Restrictions and requirements for acquiring a visa through IEC vary depending on which partner country an applicant is coming from. However, there are a few things the applications have in common. In this blog post, we will review some of the most common requirements, sourced directly from the government of Canada website. We will also specifically review the requirement for health insurance, and the young traveller insurance that Travelance offers.

What is IEC?

If you’re aged 35 and under (30 and under in some countries), you may be eligible to work and travel in Canada with permission from a special visa. There are three types of visas available from IEC: Working Holiday, Young Professionals, and International Co-op. Roughly described below are the qualifications – for details visit the government of Canada website.

  1. If you don’t have a job secured when you apply, you may be eligible for a Working Holiday visa. 
  2. If you have a job secured when you apply, and you will be working in a single location for a single employer, you may be eligible for a Young Professionals visa. 
  3. If you are a student at a recognized post-secondary institution and you are coming to Canada to fulfill a work placement or internship for your studies, you will need to secure the placement before your application, and then you may be eligible for an International Co-op visa. 

Many documents are needed to apply for IEC. Aside from immigration paperwork, and work permit items, you will need

  • proof of funds (a minimum of CAD $2,500 upon arrival, as well as the cost of transportation to Canada)
  • proof of health insurance

Travelance specializes in insurance for visitors to Canada, so we will explain the necessary insurance for young travellers.

What is the Health Insurance Requirement?

According to the government of Canada website, when you arrive in Canada for IEC, you must have proof of insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada. That insurance must have coverage available for:

  • medical care,
  • hospitalization, and
  • repatriation (returning you to your country in the event of severe illness, injury or death)

If you do not have proof of insurance, you may be denied entry, or if the insurance is not valid for the entire duration of your stay in Canada, you will only be issued a work permit for the period during which your insurance is in effect.

The average duration of an IEC visa is 12 months, but can be up to 24 months in some circumstances. Therefore, when coming to Canada, young travellers should have a valid insurance plan for a minimum of 12 months.

The reason insurance is so important is because Canada’s universal health care program does not cover visitors. As you can read in another blog post we wrote, a medical emergency in Canada can be quite costly without insurance.

How can Travelance help?

Travelance offers two insurance plans for visitors to Canada that are excellent options for young travellers to get insurance for IEC. 

The Travelance Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Essential Plan:

  • is for travellers in good health who require a low cost plan
  • is available for up to 558 days
  • has coverage available for emergency medical care, hospitalization, repatriation, and more

The Travelance Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Premier Plan:

  • is for those who want upgraded and additional benefits – it has additional coverages available that build upon the Essential Plan
  • has coverage available for accidental death and dismemberment
  • has some coverage available for pre-existing conditions

For a full comparison of these two plans, visit our product page.

Travelance Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans meet the needs outlined by the Canadian government for health insurance for IEC participants. They are versatile products that can meet the requirements for many visas, in addition to fulfilling the need for young travellers insurance. For example, super visa insurance is another popular function of these products.

If you are travelling to Canada for IEC, give us a call at 1-855-566-8555 to get a free quote for our Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance plans.

Note: IEC is also available for Canadian citizens who want to travel abroad. We will cover that option in a separate blog post, as travellers from Canada have different insurance needs!

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