Young Traveller Insurance: Options for International Experience Canada (IEC)

Jul 12, 2019 (0) comment , ,

young man with a world globe in his hand

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a wonderful opportunity for young people from outside of Canada to work and travel while visiting the country. Restrictions...

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What to Consider When Travelling Alone

Jul 19, 2018 (0) comment ,

Young person travelling through a market alone

Travelling alone can be intimidating for some people, however, it can also be a very rewarding experience. There is the opportunity to experience sightseeing...

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Young, Healthy and Free. Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Feb 15, 2017 (0) comment

Surfing in Australia Backpacking through Thailand Safari touring in South Africa Studying in Italy Reliving childhood memories at Walt Disney World Besides travel, you...

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Travelling with Kids: Where, What, How?

Aug 13, 2015 (0) comment , , ,

As a parent of two wonderful children (daughter 7, son 4) every time I think about taking my family on vacation I get a...

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Traveling Within Canada – Why Travel Insurance Is Still Necessary

Jul 03, 2015 (1) comment , , ,

Many Canadians understand the importance of purchasing emergency medical insurance for international trips. However, they often overlook the need for travel insurance in Canada...

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5 Reasons Your Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage May Not Be Enough

Feb 20, 2015 (0) comment

Don’t be left with an unexpected medical bill from a vacation. Protect yourself financially by understanding your travel insurance coverage before you purchase it!...

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Travelance is Here!

Jul 30, 2013 (0) comment

Travelance, Inc. team has worked tirelessly to develop competitive, quality Visitors to Canada products with our Underwriter, Reliable Life. For the next phase of...

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4 Reasons Why Medical Insurance For Visitors to Canada is Recommended

Jul 24, 2013 (3) comments ,

Originally posted July 24, 2013. Updated March 22, 2017. Canada is renowned for its world-class public health-care system. While tourists and Visitors to Canada...

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