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Super Visa Review


Throughout the month of December, we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Canadian Super Visa! We want to celebrate by discussing the many merits of the Canadian Super Visa program with you! We encourage you to ask questions and offer your thoughts. We also invite you to share your Super Visa stories with us by visiting our Super Visa page.

This blog is the second of a three part series.

Super Visa Review

In the first blog post in this series, we noted that the Canadian Government recognizes the many contributions parents and grandparents make to the lives of Canadians. Yet, in 2011 parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents waiting to visit their children and grandchildren in Canada experienced application-processing times exceeding 7 years. To reduce this backlog, the Canadian Super Visa program was introduced to take pressure off of Family Class sponsorship visa programs by offering applicants an alternative option.

In November 2011, President and CEO of Destination Canada Information Inc, Naeem (Nick) Noorani commented on this reasoning, “I think what this [Super Visa] would allow parents to come and go back and forth. The only reason why many of them actually apply for the Family Class visa is because it’s a problem getting visitor visas. I believe that the super visa will alleviate a lot of them.

Members of the Canadian Government were quick to recognize the potential for Super Visa program’s ability to help reduce backlog for Family Class sponsorship. During a November 2011 segment of CBC’s Power and Politics, Liberal Immigration Critic Kevin Lamoureux shared his thoughts, “The super-visa, what a wonderful thing to call it. Super-visa, ten years, and we have the five-year multiple visa currently. It’s a great idea. It’ll actually help clear up part of the backlog, there’s no doubt about that”.

Now, two years later, the program has thus far been considered a success with processing times of only 8 weeks and over 20,000 Super Visas issued since the program’s launch. The Super Visa will become a permanent program and continue to offer a flexible option for parents and grandparents who want to visit their children and grandchildren in Canada.

The 10-year, multi-entry Canadian Super Visa helps parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents reunite with their children and grandchildren by allowing Super Visa holders to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time without the need to renew their status.

To be eligible to apply for a Canadian Super Visa, as per the Canadian government, there are several prerequisites which must be met. These prerequisites include a mandatory medical examination, the purchase of a minimum $100,000 of medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance company for a minimum of 1 year and the Super Visa applicants’ sponsor must meet the minimum financial requirements.

For more information on the Super Visa prerequisites, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/supervisa-who.asp

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