3 Tips for Renewing Your Super Visa Insurance

Apr 07, 2015 (0) comment

Millions of travellers visit Canada each year. Of those, thousands of visitors travel to Canada under the super visa. The super visa is a...

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How to Avoid Food Poisoning by Consuming Safe Food

Apr 06, 2015 (0) comment

Consumption of unsafe food is a common reason for illness while travelling and at home. Unsafe food contains bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemical substances...

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Tips for Water Safety while Travelling

Feb 26, 2015 (0) comment

Whether you are drinking it, bathing in it or enjoying recreational activities in it, it is always important to practice water safety. Many illnesses...

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5 Reasons Your Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage May Not Be Enough

Feb 20, 2015 (0) comment

Don’t be left with an unexpected medical bill from a vacation. Protect yourself financially by understanding your travel insurance coverage before you purchase it!...

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Sun Safety Tips for Your Vacation

Jan 29, 2015 (0) comment

Waves crashing on the shore, feet in the sand and the hot sun beaming down on your skin. Whether you are travelling for a...

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Travelance Makes its Debut at the MDRT 2014

Aug 08, 2014 (0) comment

June 8 – 11, 2014 Travelance attended the annual meeting of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)! We arrived Saturday to set up our...

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Travelance Summit: One Day – 150 Brokers!

May 20, 2014 (0) comment

On April 16, 2014 Travelance hosted it’s first Summit, which was a great success! The summit provided an opportunity for industry brokers to network,...

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What Does Family Mean To You?

Jan 05, 2014 (0) comment

Throughout the month of December, Travelance celebrated the second anniversary of the Super Visa program. We invited you to share your Super Visa stories...

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What is a Canadian Super Visa?

Dec 02, 2013 (2) comments , ,

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Canadian Super Visa! Throughout the month of December, we want to...

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Travelance is Heading West to Attend the Calgary and Vancouver IFB Summits!

Nov 18, 2013 (0) comment ,

Members of the Travelance team will be in Calgary on November 19 and Vancouver November 22, to participate in the Independent Financial Brokers (IFB) Fall Summits!...

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