4 Common Challenges Visitors to Canada Insurance Brokers Face

Nov 11, 2013 (0) comment

Helping your clients choose the best insurance product for their needs can be a challenge! However, being prepared to navigate your clients’ misconceptions, counter their objections and answer their questions can help you on your path to becoming a successful broker. And we want to help you do just that – succeed!

Here are four common challenges we have found that Visitors to Canada insurance brokers encounter when recommending a Visitors to Canada insurance policy to their clients:

1. Your client believes that Canadian healthcare is free for everyone.

Many Visitors to Canada believe that they will receive medical treatment free of charge if they require assistance. This is a common misconception.  While Canada’s public health care system is renowned for its ‘access for all’ mantra, these benefits are only available to eligible residents of a Canadian Province or Territory. They are not available to non-residents of Canada.

2. The Broker is unclear about the benefits of each product.

Another common challenge insurance brokers face when it comes to recommending insurance products is staying up to date on policy details.  Be sure to learn as much as possible about a product before recommending it to a client.  Ask for clarification or training if you are uncertain about a product’s features.  Our Travelance Agent Services Team Members are ready to answer you plan related questions! Email us at

3. The travel insurance broker does not have the proper materials to market the products.

As a broker, you will need to communicate important benefits and procedures about a product that may be new to your client.  The right tools can be very helpful in this task and will depend on your client’s learning style.  Pay attention to your client’s behaviour and watch for clues.  Are they talking during a video?  Have they looked at the paper you have handed them?  Are they engaged with you in conversation? If they are not responding to a particular approach, try another.  Find the best way to explain the product to your client using a method that they will understand and enjoy.

4. A particular product is uncompetitive or overpriced.

A skilled insurance broker can quickly overcome this objection by staying on top of the market and knowing where to find the best products at the best prices. A skilled broker can also break down the benefits a plan offers and explain how these benefits can offset expensive scenarios. Demonstrate that the policy premium is a small price to pay when compared to expensive medical bills.

Do you want to avoid these challenges? Travelance can help. We offer multiple, easy to understand coverage options at competitive rates! Travelance also offers training sessions to help you better understand our products and provide you with the tools you need to present them to your clients. Our staff is available to answer your questions. To speak with a Travelance team member, call us at 1-855-566-8555, or e-mail your questions to

Discover how Travelance products can add value to your business.  Sign up today and begin offering Travelance products to your clients!

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