3 Important Points About Our Underwriters

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Just like you, both Travelance and our underwriters are committed to growing our business profitably and we understand that a major factor in a business’ profitability is its reputation. When a client experiences an unexpected event while travelling, you naturally want to feel confident that the travel insurance you have recommended to your client will help them and that all matters of their case will be handled and communicated professionally. We want the same thing. That is why we partnered with Reliable Life Insurance Company!

About Our Underwriters

Reliable Life Insurance Company (“Reliable Life”) is a Canadian federally licensed life insurance company providing insurance solutions since 1887. Reliable Life is the oldest subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation (“ORI” on the New York Stock Exchange), one of the 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations in the United States. Reliable Life is a specialty insurer focused on underwriting and administering customized, private label products for distributors of travel, child accident, disability and health insurance.

Did You Know?

Reliable Life – pays over 25,000 travel claims annually.

What Sets Reliable Life Apart?


  • Dedicated unit in place to answer all claims administration inquiries.
  • Call Centre:  80% of calls answered within 30 seconds, less than 3% abandoned
    • Complaints:  Any written appeal requests or complaints requiring response acknowledged in writing by the next business day


  • Request for Claim Forms:  Requested claim forms are sent the same day
  • Assessment of Claims:  Complete claims files are assessed within 5 business days
    • Assessment of Additional Information: Claim file correspondence is initially reviewed within 2 business days of receipt


  • A full suite of products to meet every client’s needs

    • Fantastic suite of travel products!  Travel, Snowbirds, Youth and Cruise.

    • Competitive Visitors to Canada ‘Super Visa’ Plans

  • Affordable family, group, student, and annual rates

  • Market-competitive prices and benefits

  • A variety of plans featuring exceptional benefits like Unlimited Emergency Medical and Dental

A reputation built on security, stability and service is critical, but an insurance provider can also maintain other characteristics as well.  Our partnership with Reliable Life is based on the characteristics of openness and reciprocity and we strive to maintain these in all of our relationships with partners.

A Note from Our Underwriters – Reliable Life Insurance Company

While our agency and corporate partners know us for our expertise, flexibility and innovation, our policyholders know us by how we handle and communicate our claims service. It is this service and professionalism that solidifies our reputation within the industry.

Reliable Life can be found at

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