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How to Avoid Food Poisoning by Consuming Safe Food


Consumption of unsafe food is a common reason for illness while travelling and at home. Unsafe food contains bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemical substances that are linked to more than two hundred diseases, causing over 2 million deaths globally each year.
As our food supply becomes more globalized, new threats to food safety emerge. The need for globally recognized food safety systems to improve overall food safety is evident.
On April 7, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day. This year their focus is “From farm to plate, make food safe”. The WHO helps countries around the world prevent, detect and respond to foodborne diseases. Along with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) they alert countries through an international information network about food safety emergencies.
Here are some tips to help you consume safe food while travelling and at home.

  1. Only eat foods that are well cooked and served hot
    • Room temperature is not considered hot
  2. Consume thoroughly cooked meat and seafood
    • Avoid raw and rare
  3. Only eat fruits and vegetable that you have washed yourself in safe water
    • Read more about water safety in our previous blog
    • If the fruit has a peel, peel it yourself
  4. Avoid food from street vendors
  5. Ensure dairy and fruit juices are pasteurized
  6. Separate raw and cooked food
  7. Look for a clean work environment where the food is produced

To help protect yourself against unforeseen foodborne illnesses be sure to travel and consume food with these safety practices in mind.
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